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Which vitamins do I need?

This is the question I receive most often when speaking to clients or answering Q&A’s. Which vitamins do ‘I’ need?

I believe this: every single person is unique; your needs will differ from everyone else around you. And I mean that altruistically, your needs for water, food, love, nutrients…ALL of them differ because we are each unique beings with unique biochemical makeups.

So, when addressing the question of which vitamins, one needs. I say, “all of them.” Every vitamin is required for life. A vitamin is a nutrition required in small quantities that our bodies cannot manufacture on their own, we require them from our diets.

I think the real question people want to know when asking me which vitamins they need is better stated as: “Am I getting enough of each vitamin?” That question quite simply cannot be answered with accuracy other than to state probably not. There is no way for anyone to tell you which vitamins you need, but there is a way to find out, with relatively high accuracy.

VIT-ASSESS provides a solution to this dilemma by assessing one’s biochemical weaknesses through strategic and research-backed questionnaires. 25 different vitamins and minerals are assessed through these questionnaires, giving you a very wholistic interpretation of your relative vitamin and mineral levels. Giving you a look into which vitamins YOU need.

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