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Powder vs. pill vs. pill vs. pill?

What is the difference? Forget the word pill, a pill can still be a capsule, a tablet, a caplet or a liquid-gel. Am I missing any?

Let me try to straighten this out for everyone.

A tablet is simply compressed powder. A giant machine stronger than you or I takes the powder of choice and crushed it down until it compacts into a solid. Then you eat it …sorta takes the romance out of it but hey the future is here.

A caplet is actually a tablet that is compressed even further, by an even stronger machine. They also coat these tablets with an easy-to-swallow (usually flavoured) coating, giving you the benefits that tablets offer with the ease of a capsule or liquid-gel. These are usually far more expensive than their tablet stepfather.

Capsules are shells that can be filled with powders or liquids for ingestion. Pretty simple, you can even make your own by buying the empty capsules from your local nutrition store; most carry them.

A liquid-gel is essentially what it sounds like, a gel coating over a liquid that is advertised to disperse and absorb quickly giving you a more immediate relief of a symptom (in most cases).

The last things to consider is just a plain old powder or liquid supplement. Personally, I like these most because I am simply old fashioned. I like things that have been touched the very least by humans. So, if it comes in a powder first and a machine is used to compact it, I will take it before that machine presses it please. My general rule for deciding what goes into my body is whatever is the closest form to how nature intended it to be. And I don’t see too many pills growing on trees these days.

You must also remember that sometimes you just won’t have an option. Some products, medicines, herbs or vitamins are only available in certain forms dur to their natural state. Be informed when you shop and make sure you choose what is best for YOU, not what someone else told you was best for you.

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