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Open Sponsorship For Athletes

Vit-Assess was started in order to inform people of their vitamin deficiencies, and no one needs to know about their body more than professional athletes. Athletes must know how to feed their body in order to ensure peak performance. This is why we decided to partner with OpenSponsorship in order to connect our product with professional athletes around the world.


OpenSponsorship is a two-sided marketplace that connects brands like Vit-Assess to professional athletes for sponsorship opportunities. Deals range from simple product-gifting all the way up to six-figure long-term partnerships. OpenSponsorship is at the forefront of one of the fastest growing industries (Influencer Marketing) with access to over 5,500 of the most influential athletes in the world. We have found OpenSponsorship to be an extremely useful platform, with some pretty great features:

  • Database of 5,500 Professional Athletes: Network of athletes from over 40+ global sports looking to endorse your brand
  • Innovative Campaign Feature: Job-posting like feature where brands define what they are looking for in an athlete partnership and athletes actively apply to be part of your campaign (often at significantly below market rate)
  • ROI Tracking: Data metrics such as Cost Per Engagement (CPE), website traffic, and social media engagement enable you to see in real time the success of your campaign and athlete partnerships.
  • Easy-to-Use Search Filter: Sift through OpenSponsorship’s 5,500+ athletes based on several useful filters such as sport, gender, follower demographic data, and what they are talking about on social media
  • Dedicated Account Management Staff: Marketing experts on-hand that take the time to truly learn your business and ideate cool and exciting strategies on how to leverage professional athletes for all your marketing plans.

Interested in learning more about OpenSponsorship and how they can help you leverage professional athletes for your next marketing campaign? Click here to request a demo of the platform and see the team in action.

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