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A Few Words From Our Founder

VIT-ASSESS is a family owned business that offers its customers an alternative to clinical and laboratory vitamin testing. My personal health journey began with understanding the root cause of my issues – and this came with understanding what my body was already trying to tell me. We want to help you with your health and wellness journey, by truly making it your journey.

CEO, Founder



Select the package that best suits your needs, based on which vitamins, minerals, hormones and other nutrients you want to assess for deficiency and imbalance.


Fill in your self-assessment. This won't take long – you already know yourself better than you think.


Get your personalized report – backed by research and detailed for you by our experts. (see an example)

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Common Questions


Our questionnaires range from 5 to 30 minutes to complete. Don't worry - there is a save function within the test that allows you to pick up where you left off should you not be able to complete the test in one sitting – however we strongly recommend it be completed in one sitting for consistency in answers.

No - unlike most laboratory nutrient tests we do not require any blood or urine but instead use symptom analysis to allow your body to give us all of the vital information that cannot be extracted from your blood.

Extremely accurate - sometimes more dependable than blood tests. This assessment detects over 600 signs of nutritional imbalance; enabling us to provide you with the most beneficial nutrients for you – pinpointing your unique biochemical weaknesses.

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